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Warren Seeds, M.D. | 1213 Moselle Court

Warren Seeds, M.D. | 1213 Moselle Court
I just wanted to take a moment to personally thank you for the exceptional job you and your staff did getting my home SOLD! I have been receiving mail from you for the last couple of years. It seems that you were the only agent doing a good job marketing your properties for sale. Every week, I got some form of advertisement such as a letter, postcard, magazine, etc. exposing your listings and promoting your numerous sales. There were many ‘For Sale’ signs in my neighborhood, The Vineyards, but the only ones that seemed to be getting sold were yours. When the time came to sell our home, it was an easy decision to choose The Tom Love Group.

When I contacted your office, your staff was upbeat, positive, and professional. They asked me several questions and within a short period of time I received a return phone call from you. You were up-to-date with my wants and needs and ready to go to work. From the minute you walked in the door, you projected a confidence that reassured my decision to choose you for the job of selling my home. At the completion of you walking through my home, you told me that you had a buyer that my home would be perfect for. I had received your letter previously that said you had a buyer for my neighborhood, but I figured this was just another marketing ploy. However, within an hour at the end of your listing presentation, you brought them by.

I joked that you didn’t need to bring a shill buyer in because you already had the listing. I was more than surprised when you ended up selling the house to this buyer in less than an hour prior to it even hitting the market! I guess you made a believer out of me! You negotiated the contract for us with a long escrow period in order for my family to enjoy the holidays in our home. We really appreciated the fact that you did not disrupt our family over the holidays. I was a little hesitant at the beginning of the transaction, since you would be a dual agent representing both the Buyer and myself. However, I think this worked to my advantage. Because you were an agent on both sides, you made this transaction happen. You were able to see any obstacles and overcome every objection to the satisfaction of both parties.

Tom, I was very hesitant to sign with you at a ‘1°Ai fee but the exceptional service was more than worth it. I am very happy to say that my home is sold. I know how a down market with a flood of Bank Owned and Short Sales can be very frustrating. I followed your advice and now I’m not just another unsold property for sale. My calculations indicate that you the 7% commission was the best money spent considering the declining climate of today’s real estate market values.

I especially want to thank your team. Coke took the time to meet inspectors, appraisers and various others parties at the property to make sure the job got done. My home successfully closed escrow on time and you helped me transition into my new home very comfortably.

You are all true professionals, at the top of your game, and you delivered the results you promised! Tom, you are very honest, direct and knowledgeable. I can easily see why you are the #1 agent in the world!

-Warren Seeds, M.D.