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Vera Homer | 8833 Brior Bay

Vera Homer
Dear Tom,

Back in April of 2010, my husband and I went to Las Vegas looking for a new home. We contact a few realtors there before finding The Tom Love Group. Through much frustration of not finding what we wanted in several homes we looked at, through word of mouth by one of our favorite Cadillac dealers in Las Vegas, we were given Coke Sarma as a reference. I immediately called Coke and like the other realtors failed to ask was what we both wanted and needed in a home, he “got us” and at that moment a trusting and caring relationship was formed. From the start, his time was out time fully understanding and accepting our hectic schedule yet he was still willing to do whatever it took to find us a new home. Also, I was very impressed when we were introduced to the owner, Tom Love who was as gracious, kind, and down to Earth as Coke willing to go that extra mile finding us a new home as well.

Since Coke knew exactly what we both wanted in a new home, our choices were narrowed down yet of great quality so more time was spent looking at the important details of a home which led us to our dream home right on the golf course at Silverstone Ranch. Through the four years I lived at Silverstone Ranch, the Tom Love Group continued that relationship by sending me mail, letter, flyers, magazines and Coke Sarma kept in close contact with me asking if there was anything he could do for me and although there wasn’t anything he could do for me at the time he asked, it meant the world to me that he asked so when it was time to sell my home I knew exactly who to call. I contact Coke and told him about my circumstances of needing to sell me home and he reassured me he would find a buyer for my home.

When we met, Coke walked me through the process of signing the contract, setting up an appraiser, and getting my furniture on consignment and when it came to listing my home, everything was handled “first class” from overseeing the appraisal, the making of a DVD of my home, to the display sign with flyers. Once my house was listed, it was shown immediately and constantly so it was just a matter of time like Coke said before someone would fall in love with my home and want it as much as I did when I first saw it. Through the whole selling process Coke always kept me informed of future showing, feedback and offers and because of the hard work and dedication of the whole team at the Tom Love Group my home sold quickly and at a great price. At closing, I had the pleasure of re-meeting Tom Love who, after seeing me a bit stressed, put me at ease by personally escorting me up to Lawyers Title and ending on an even happier note, although I was reassured that my mail was taken care of, Coke added the finishing touches by reassuring me that indeed my mail was being forwarded back to Illinois. If ever I’m in Las Vegas wanted to buy or sell a home, I know who I would call – The Tom Love Group. Thank you, Tom Love Group for making my buying and selling of my home a very personal, caring and wonderful experience.

-Vera Homer