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Sam Nazarian | 7 Falcon View

Sam Nazarian | 7 Falcon View
Dear Mr. Love:

I wanted to personally thank you and your entire staff for your help in the purchase of my luxury high-rise residence. It was truly a pleasure to work with your knowledgeable, energetic and professional team. You constantly went above and beyond the call of duty, which made the entire process smooth and hassle-free.

As CEO of SBE Entertainment, which has many interests in real estate, I’ve had many opportunities to work with residential brokers. You and your team were exemplary – readily available to me and my staff with quick answers and solid information. You always kept my best interest in mind while maintaining the fiduciary duties for all parties involved, and I feel fortunate to have had you on my team. Your knowledge of local trends and particularly the high-end market helped me navigate through a saturated market and inventory to a residence that is the perfect match for my needs. Thank you for a job well done.

-Sam Nazarian