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Mike Galardi | 305 Onyx Crest

Mike Galardi | 305 Onyx Crest
Dear Tom,

I wanted to thank you for a great job in selling my two above mentioned properties. You and your staff were aggressive and professional throughout the entire process and delivered on all of your promises. I really appreciate you working so hard on my behalf to get my properties sold for top dollar! I have listed and sold many properties in Las Vegas with a myriad of brokers and you outperformed all of them! I know the difference between a good broker and a self-serving broker. The fact that you delivered both buyers over and above the appraised values, was positive proof that you were an advocate for your client. I was especially pleased when you negotiated a sales price over and above my expectations and what I was willing to originally accept.

It was clear to see you had your finger on the pulse of the market, and even more refreshing to have you not leave any money on the table and negotiate the last dollar for me. It was a pleasure to pay you 7%; you truly were worth every penny! As an out-of-state seller, I was able to relax and go about my usual business with the confidence that you and your team had everything handled and in control. Both transactions closed on time with no problems and this is the way a real estate deal should be done. Thank you for always being the point of contact and not passing me off to your staff. I also appreciate you being available for me and not missing a beat over the Easter Holiday while you were out of town. I look forward to having you sell my Mountain Trails home when the tenant vacates. I will also be happy to refer you to anyone I know that may be in the market to buy or sell real estate in Las Vegas!

-Mike Galardi