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Marcy Simon | 621 St Croix St

Marcy Simon | 621 St Croix St
I’m sorry that it has taken so long to get this well-deserved letter of reference to you! Jack and I couldn’t be more pleased with you and your team and, more importantly, with the service and results delivered with listing and selling our property on 621 St. Croix Street in MacDonald Highlands.

As you know, before listing with you, we were previously listed with your competitor for almost a year with no real interest ever being generated as to our property. Admittedly, you have been on our radar for quite some time as we have often received your mailers, have seen you in multiple real estate magazines, and the Las Vegas Review-Journal- it was obvious that you were selling very expensive homes and that you were successful at doing so. We felt that you were exactly what we needed to handle our $4 million listing since we saw that you boasted the highest sale in MacDonald Highlands which has been the only sale in this neighborhood with a higher sales price other than ours!

If you recall, we tried to connect with you a few months back but you were out of town and didn’t get back to us, so we extended with our same agent. When that contract expired again, it was no surprise that we heard from you, as well as, multiple members of your team, wanting to list our home. You were very amiable and agreed to meet with us around our schedule and you really made us feel like we would be your flagship listing and your most important clients. I remember jokingly telling you that you were either the greatest salesperson I have ever met, or the greatest BS’er and that time would certainly tell.

Within a very short time, I saw you and your extraordinary team spring into action … you didn’t miss a beat! From the drone video shoot to the professional photo shoots, to the virtual tour, to the direct mail pieces, to the full page spreads in local, national, and international publications, internet advertising, and social media- you certainly covered it all!

The icing on the cake was your depth of knowledge and your willingness to be straight with us – advising us on what we needed to do. We really appreciated that! We have found that a lot of agents in our price range are too passive and have subsequently allowed us to captain the team when we really needed an agent like you with strategies that were proven to be successful in our price range.

We were really impressed with your strategy of getting our home appraised in advance, which was extremely helpful in selling the house and not having to come down in asking price. We were also impressed with the planning of having a handyman present at the inspection to take care of items on the spot, providing even more confidence to the buyers that we were serious sellers.

On a more personal note, I also want to commend you on how you handled the situation when I contacted you just a mere two days prior to the close of escrow, advising that I was having seller’s remorse.You were a solid advocate, putting me and my husband ahead of your six-figure commission. I think that impressed me most of all. Instead of trying to talk me out of my seller’s remorse, you told me that you would support my decision and even conveyed that to the buyer. You were always on my team. And so we decided to close after realizing it was all just a bit of last-minute anxiety. We remain forever grateful to you and your team. After initially using one of your competitors, there is no doubt that we would only rely on you again in the future to handle our real estate needs – the positive results we experienced with you and your team have secured us as loyal clients.

In the end, within 30 days, you delivered a full price offer that closed on time with no hiccups. The entire process from start to finish was upbeat, conducted professionally, and always in a positive manner, and not only by you but by every member of your team!

Thank you, Tom! Sincerely, Marcy Simon

-Marcy Simon