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Las Vegas Real Estate Selling Price

Every home seller wants to fetch the highest price the market will bear and there are several avenues to take in accomplishing that goal.

The first step is to find a knowledgeable and reputable real estate brokerage. Professional agents at The Tom Love Group understand the fundamentals and dynamics of the Las Vegas housing market and can help set a realistic listing price that will produce the most competitive bids. The more you know about the local market conditions, the better the chances of getting the highest possible price. In addition to comparable sales in the neighborhood, we look at trends. Are we in a rising or declining market? How many days are homes staying on the market? And who are the buyers? An owner-occupant is likely to offer more than an investor.

  1. Marketing is an important factor in the pricing equation. The Tom Love Group markets properties to local, national and international buyers through mainstream media advertising as well as the Internet and direct mailings, exposing the property to the maximum number of prospects.
  2. Sometimes it’s all about timing. If the market is declining, perhaps you should think about holding off on the sale. The flipside to waiting is circumstances could change. The market could further decline or you may come under financial pressure to sell earlier than you want.
  3. First impressions are lasting impressions. A couple hundred dollars spent on improving “curb appeal” could pay substantial dividends. Start by sprucing up the landscaping, maybe plant new shrubs and flowers. A property that looks clean and well-maintained from the street is going to attract serious buyers. Another worthy investment is to give the interior a fresh coat of paint. Off-white is always a good choice for color, easily painted over by the new owners if they wish. Carpets should at least be cleaned, if not replaced. Even a pig looks better with lipstick.
  4. Of course, the old adage of “location, location, location” still rings true when it comes to real estate pricing. Some of the highest home prices in Las Vegas Valley are found in upscale neighborhoods such as Summerlin, Green Valley, Southern Highlands and Anthem.
  5. Another consideration is the season of the year. Fall and winter are traditionally slow sales periods, so the supply of listings are down. Tighter supply means less competition, which could work in the seller’s favor. Typically, sales volume heats up with the arrival of spring and summer, especially for families who don’t want to disrupt their children’s school year. It’s possible to sell during the spring for more money and delay the closing or extend occupancy until summer.

Bottom line is nobody has a crystal ball. Predicting whether prices will rise or fall in the coming months is risky business. One thing we guarantee: The Tom Love Group will deliver great service and marketing strategies to attain the best possible negotiated price.