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21 Reasons To Bet On Las Vegas

21 Reasons To Bet On Las Vegas Thinking about relocating to Las Vegas? If you are, you are probably making a safe bet. Our friends over at the Greater Las Vegas Association of Realtors have given us 21 reasons why Las Vegas might just be a great bet, and we have highlighted those reasons below just to share with you:

  1. Booming Convention Business – Las Vegas has been voted the top U.S. Trade Show Destination for the 19th straight year by industry leaders.
  2. Global Access – There are at least 12 airlines consistently transporting international passengers to the 8th busiest U.S. airport (971,615 international passengers visited Las Vegas from January to April 2013).
  3. Multicultural – Nearly 22% of local residents are foreign-born and 32.4% of the local population speak a language other than English at home.
  4. Young – Median age is 34.5 and nearly 25% of the population under age 18.
  5. Convenient – A typical daily commute time to work is only 24.2 minutes, and Las Vegas is easy to navigate, being served by I-15, U.S. 95, and the 215 Freeway circling around the valley.
  6. Clean & Green – Southern Nevada is one of the cleanest metro areas in the world and Nevada boasts more square feet of Leed-certified buildings per-capita than any other state.
  7. Fun – There are more than 40 million people from all over the world flocking to Las Vegas per year, and it is now home to 7 of the 10 highest-grossing nightclubs.
  8. Sun – There is an average of 292 days of sunshine each year.
  9. Fine Wine – Las Vegas has more master sommeliers than any other City in the world.
  10. Fine Dining – With more than its “Fare” share of celebrity and master chefs, Las Vegas also hosts the WFC – World Food Championship.
  11. Culture – Yes, Las Vegas has amazing culture, with the world’s greatest performers frequenting Las Vegas, including downtown’s world-class Smith Center.
  12. Nature – There are natural attractions such as scenic Red Rock Canyon, Mt. Charleston, Lake Mead, more than 1,600 acres of parks, 2,900 acres of wetlands, and more than 100 public parks, pools, and golf courses.
  13. Growth – There is a growing population of more than 2 million to billions of dollars of new construction along the famed Las Vegas Strip to booming Downtown’s arts and entertainment districts around Freemont Street.
  14. Trade – Foreign Trade Zone #89 and 8 other convenient locations in Las Vegas are promoted by the Nevada International Trade Company and the Las Vegas Global Economic Alliance.
  15. Security – Offers Supernap data storage, lightning-fast connectivity and switch, and the most reliable technology ecosystem house in one of the safest places on the planet.
  16. Gaming – Vegas is the gaming capital of the world, from the World Series of Poker (both in person and now legal to play online) to non-stop action in the world’s largest and finest casinos.
  17. Sports – From legal sports betting to hosting world championship boxing, MMA, and other sporting events, Las Vegas is home to the UFC, the “fastest growing sports organization in history”.
  18. Income – With a median household income $55,961, Las Vegans earn 10% more than the national median income.
  19. ROI – With an average 9.86% cap rate for residential rental properties, Las Vegas real estate investors enjoy the fifth highest cap rate in the country.
  20. Demand – Las Vegas consistently ranks among the top 5 U.S. cities searched online by foreign investors.
  21. Gold – Besides Nevada being a leading producer of gold, the Las Vegas Global Business Committee has earned gold recognition from the National Association of Realtors, with over 30 of the World’s 1,900 certified international property specialists now serving foreign clients.